Custom Professional Deck Work by CCS Tahoe

All new TREX over existing stairs saves expense and looks new. All new railing system is Doug fir for strength sealed with 3 coats of high quality deck stain for an almost Japanese look, and great protection from sun and snow.

All new TREX with a tight pattern gives a solid look. Aircraft carrier flat and even.

Waterproof covering new redwood sleepers, prevents rot for 40+ years.
Some of the old deck can be seen...  Pine needles have filled up the old sleeper areas.  Sleepers are not nailed or attached to the deck, in this case a waterproof membrane over the garage. Time for new material.

Old tilt back railing...

The old deck removed and new sleepers installed over existing garage...

Existing deck 3x12 DF -


We covered and   preserved this structuraly sound deck with Tyvec and new TREX...

And installed new removable railing system for snow run off the roof.

All designed by Gary Davis ARC at JK Engineering, Tahoe City

Cole Construction and Structural c2015

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