Fire Protection - 

Malibu, Montecito, Tahoe CA

Our  latest  wildfire suppression system is fully automated and will detect 

oncoming fire and initiate a deluge of over 300 gallons per minute over a 200' x 200' square area, for over 20 minutes. The system features all Cal Fire approved equipment, including:


28KW Generac generator  - 

330 GPM, 80 PSI high pressure water pump, 240V 3phase


5,000 steel fire tank w/ 4" outlet for FD use

Commercial 4 x 4 Initiator control box

Fire proof mechanical shed

(10) 16 GPM emitters, (each creates 80' diameter spray pattern)


200+ feet of underground 4" PVC 


and (10) 1" steel risers on 2" steel poles imbedded in concrete

Fire suppression mechanical shed

Protected inside the fire proof shed are the electrical systems, high volume high pressure water pump and batteries to start to generator. Generator and propane fuel are directly outside.

Deluge initiating system for wildfire suppression in the WUI

Fire sensing wire for deluge system

D65 Rainbirds put out 16 gallons per minute @ 70 PSI

A D65 Rainbird puts out fires with 16 gallons per minute

Steel pipe for Automated wildfire suppression system- In the WUI

Automated Wildfire Suppression System, overhead view

This overhead view shows how our system works.


When fire approaches the perimeter of a property the sensing wire at the perimiter is is melted to "short" by 140+ degree temperatures.


 That short is registered by the 4 x 4 deluge control system and it triggers to deluge system...


Starting the generator which powers a high pressure water pump which then puts 300 gallons per minute on your house and property, extinguishing embers, cooling the air and cooling and drenching your hose, roof, walls, windows, doors, cars, nearby trees.. everything.

Fire Protection Sprinklers in Malibu by CSS

Here's the D65 emitter we use. These put out 16 gallons per minute and cover a radius of nearly 80'    (@70psi)

We mount (10) of these 7' high on 6 x 6 posts or 2" steel poles anchored into a concrete base... 30'- 40'  feet out from your structure, creating a complete deluge and protecting your structure, cars, people, animals, the entire area from firestorms, embers, superheated winds, everything.

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